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When running a business, you don’t need distractions, you need solutions. You need a valued partner who is

always available.  Focusing on your business is key to your success and Oasis Biz Solutions is determined to support

you in any way necessary. 

But we all know things can happen...

Technology Solutions

Running a business is complicated.  Our commitment to you is to make your IT simple.  You won’t have to think about it because we will be thinking about it all the time. Our full suite of services can address any contingency and our emergency service is available 24/7.  We’ll be there for you with recommendations, repairs, upgrades – whatever you need -  to keep your systems running effectively, efficiently and at cost that you can afford. In fact, you can’t afford to be without us. IT-Resolved


 You need a partner who has both experience and expertise in all key areas.

Keeping your IT Systems functioning and current, requires strategy and planning.

Cybersecurity Solutions

With the proliferation of cloud services options, choosing the right platform and maintaining it is key.

Consistency and integration play a big part in our Managed Services practice.

Ensuring your data is secure requires specialized expertise and ongoing monitoring. 


You want your vendors to be experts, but you also want a vendor that you and your team feel comfortable with.  Make an appointment to talk with us.  We’ll assess your current solution and point out strengths and any vulnerabilities.   


Our IT maintenance plans for small and medium-sized businesses are affordable and provide full-time access to IT professionals without having to pay a full-time staff. The ROI works.  IT-Resolved!


The right expertise is important but relationships are key

Read what our clients say about us

“Oasis Biz Solutions has provided superior IT and Telecommunications support to us for more than a decade.  Their highly skilled staff keeps our IT systems running smoothly by staying abreast of the newest and most effective solutions.  


Additionally, their project managers have handled a number of IT projects across the region which were managed expertly and cost-effectively.  In short, they are professional, dependable, responsive and always have Emirates’ best interests in mind. “


Matt S. - SVP - NA

“Oasis Biz Solution has been a great IT and Telecommunications partner for several years, always available and knowledgeable with their approach.

Our New York office was having major power and telecommunications issues which was making it difficult for us to conduct business. Oasis got involved and designed a wireless and mobile solution that enabled us to work from anywhere.”


Giovanni M. – GM

“Oasis Biz Solutions has always provided excellent solutions for our needs. Our guests were having major issues with the Wi-Fi network and internet service and were reluctant to return to our hotel.

Oasis got involved and designed a solution which was stable and worked all the time. Not only were our guests pleased but even our employees were happy as they have not received a complaint about Wi-Fi or internet since.”

Holiday Inn

General Manager


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Tel: 1-888-87-OASIS  (888-876-2747)   +1-201-549-8414

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