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“Oasis Biz Solutions has provided superior IT and Telecommunications support to us for more than a decade.  Their highly skilled staff keeps our IT systems running smoothly by staying abreast of the newest and most effective solutions.  


Additionally, their project managers have handled a number of IT projects across the region which were managed expertly and cost-effectively.  In short, they are professional, dependable, responsive and always have Emirates’ best interests in mind. “


Matt S. - SVP - NA

“Oasis Biz Solution has been a great IT and Telecommunications partner for several years, always available and knowledgeable with their approach.

Our New York office was having major power and telecommunications issues which was making it difficult for us to conduct business. Oasis got involved and designed a wireless and mobile solution that enabled us to work from anywhere.”


Giovanni M. – GM

“Oasis Biz Solutions has always provided excellent solutions for our needs. Our guests were having major issues with the Wi-Fi network and internet service and were reluctant to return to our hotel.

Oasis got involved and designed a solution which was stable and worked all the time. Not only were our guests pleased but even our employees were happy as they have not received a complaint about Wi-Fi or internet since.”

Holiday Inn

General Manager

“Oasis handled an infrastructure project for our company, they did an excellent job.”

BRDAR – Advertising Branding Design

Franck S. Partner / Managing Director

“Oasis has provided great video and POS solutions for our multiple locations.”

Dunkin Donuts

(Franchise Client)

“Oasis has always provided both cost effective and efficient solutions for our locations across the tri- state area.”


(Franchise Client)

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